Automation Unit

Mobile Rolling Unit – UMTC

The UMTC is an equipment for tube rolling expansion designed to provide safety, reliability and efficiency. The 3-axis movement makes the UMTC fully ergonomic and easy to operate.

The controller used in UMTC is easy to program and allows you to record the expansions and view all the parameters used in the process.

Request information on capacity in tube diameters (øD), technical features and dimensions.

The smooth and ergonomic 3-axis movement makes work easier and increases efficiency and productivity.

Access to programming and display of parameters via the touch screen . Cycle and parameters fully programmable by the user.

Advantages of UMTC:

  • Real-time monitoring;
  • Creation of users;
  • Telescopic shaft;
  • Ergometric;
  • Recording of the process data;
  • Parameter registration;
  • USB output;
  • Automatic cycle system;
  • User safety system;
  • Touch screen;
  • Quick tool exchange.

MMI Screen

  • USB output
  • Torque presented directly in Nm.

Telescopic Shaf:

  • User safety system;
  • Fully static protection.


  • Operated by a single pedal;
  • Manual / automatic cycle switching.
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