Driving Accessories

In the tube rolling work, the tool access is not always straightforward. For these cases HANNA offers a range of driven accessories to perform such jobs in an efficient way and without time wasting.

Universal Joint Extensions

Designed for use with tube expanders where space is limited, or where there is no direct access. Operates at angles up to 35º.

Others square drive sizes are supplied on request.

Square Drivers with Morse Taper

Designed to adapt the square mandrels of expanders to the various styles of rolling motors.

Square Sockets

Quick Change Chucks

Designed for connecting the rolling motors drives to the various square sizes of expander mandrels. A retaining system avoid the possibility of mandrel disconnecting from rolling motor during operation.


Ratchet Wrench

Heavy duty ratchet wrenchs designed for maintance jobs in boilers with tube expanders, where no electric or pneumatic motor is available or recommended.

Right Angle Gear Drive

The Right Angle Gear Drive is suitable for operating tube expanders in confined places, such as in case of boiler headers. This device is made from high quality materials to provide longe service life.

Parallel Gear Drive

The Parallel Gear Drive is used to operate tube expanders in hard to reach places.

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