Tube Cleaners

It is a fact that tubes of boilers, heat exchangers, condensers and others heat transfer systems, accumulate deposits during operating period.

The formation of hard or soft scales on the tube internal surface can reduce the heat exchange flow through the tube wall, because these scales are generally thermal insulators. In addition, a build-up of scale on a tube inner diameter gradually decreases it’s section area thus reducing the fluid flow. Both effects lead to a lowering efficiency of the thermal equipment. Besides is the possibility of damage to the tube due to the chemical nature of some deposits that can be corrosive to the tube material.

One can conclude that, in order to maintain efficiency and prevent permanent damage, the tubes of heat transfer equipments must be kept clean and scale-free.

HANNA offers a comprehensive line of tube cleaning tools and accessories that meets the requirements of many classes of heat transfer systems and are suitable for a variety of deposits usually found.

Internally driven cleaners are used generally for cleaning straight or curved tubes of boilers. There is a variety of types of cleaner heads, suitable for different kinds of deposits to be removed.

The cleaner heads are driven by air-operated motors that follow the head inside the tube. The air that supplies the motors is ejected ahead the cleaner head, and provides also a flushing action, carrying the removed scales.

The cleaner equipments can be composed in several arrangements of air-driven motors, flexible hoses and cleaner heads.

The cleaner heads can be connected rigidly to the air motor, or with an universal joint or a flexible shaft. We present following some few examples, and suggest to consult our technical personnel in order to recommend the most suitable selection to each case.

Air-driven Motor

Available in various sizes for tubes diameter range from 38,1mm (1.1/2”) to 203mm (8”).

Drill Head with Universal Joint

Used for straight and curved tubes. Suitable for thick, medium to hard deposits, also for totally or partly clogged tubes.

Available diameters 1.1/2” to 8”.

Swing Arm Head

With universal joint.

Used for straight and curved tubes.

For thick or uneven deposits, soft to medium hardness.

Available diameters 1.1/2” to 4.1/2”.

Wing Arm Head

Used for straight tubes (also for curved tubes when coupled with an universal joint). For thick, hard to medium deposits. Self feeding.

Available diameters 2” to 8”.


For cleaning soft deposits and polishing inside of tubes.

Available diameters 1.1/2” to 4”.

Externally driven cleaners are generally used for cleaning straight tubes of heat exchangers and condensers. There is a variety of drills, scrapers and brushes that are driven by an electric or air-operated motor, that remains outside the tube, connected to the tool by a steel hollow shaft, through which a water flow passes. The water ejected ahead the cleaning tool aids the scale removal and provides a flushing action, carrying the removed dregs.

Air-driven Motor with water-feeding attachment.

Steel hollow shafting available in various diameters and various lenghts, allow the water flow through.

Shaft extensions coupling.

Some examples of drills and brushes

Carbide tipped drills for clogged tubes by hard deposits.

Available diameters 3/8” to 1.1/2”.

Drills for soft, gummy and rubbery deposits.

Available diameters 3/8” to 1.1/2”.

Brushes for dry powdery deposits.

Available diameters 3/8” to 1.1/2”.

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